Inspiring Members of the Month- May 2016

Name: Ryan…. I mean, Danny Meyers
Age: Actual age: 31, Age I’m perceived as: 14
How long you have been a member at CFSC: Dag-um 3 years or what not.
How you got started at CFSC: One day I was at work weighing in at a solid 311 pounds and I looked in the mirror and was like, “Bro, you look like garbage sauce.” And then my image in the mirror was all, “Brah, lets like do some workouts and such.” “But where, and how?” I replied. “Cha, like, we could totes do some crossfit and what not at the police academy.”
So then I did that for about 3 or 4 months making positive improvements until I plateaued forcing me to look into a reflective puddle which told me, “Hey folk, you are liking this whole Crossfit thing, maybe you should join a gym, I mean box, since you really don’t know what the heck you’re doing.” So then I got on a googler machine and found the closest gym, I mean box, to me and went to a work out thinking, “working out at 6 a.m. is a completely normal thing to do and the people will surely be nice, to which my reflection replied, “I bet they are nice, and don’t ever call me Shirley.” The end.
Favorite CrossFit movement: So I like rest days and breakfast on Saturdays. If I have to do work I guess I like any kettlebell work, Oly lifts like deadlifting, and any movement where I have to ask Deuce if it’s a full squat or not. Rowing is ok too. I also really like curls, lat pull downs, and anything where I can quarter squat on a Smith machine. Preach.
Least favorite CrossFit movement: Devil climbs AKA wall walks. Seriously whoever came up with that God forsaken bull crap movement can eat a bag. And whoever programs it into the workout is equally as irritating. I also hate running. God made me to block 10 yards down field not run fly routes. I like everything else though, except pistols (how do we make squats harder???? Do them on 1 leg; F’n Dave Castro).
Favorite healthy food/meal: I can eat 50 eggs.
Favorite part about CFSC: So if you think that I am going to write some heart felt thing about liking the members, coaches and community you’re wrong. Truth of the matter is, I don’t like any of you. Burt is scary, Kyra is a communist, Brian refuses to get a basketball hoop, Dawn kicks me out of the gym constantly, Tim cusses me out, and Deuce and Chuy are too good looking. The only reason I’m here is for GAINZ, murdering weights, and protein……
Something we don’t know about you: I’m pretty much an open book. I have no shame. I was a cheerleader in high school, I was in several musicals, I was once in an infomercial, I coached high school football, I have a very hairy back and chest, I fell off a horse when I was a small child and fractured my skull and had to be carried by inmates who were nearby picking up trash to where the helicopter landed to fly me to the hospital, and my real name is Fat Patricia. Other than that I’m pretty boring. What I want people to know is that if I talk too much or I become a bit “extra” just think that I only say half the things that I am thinking. Imagine how hard it would be to hear twice as much as I say and you can imagine how hard it is to be me. Also for the love of God people, load the weights from the bottom of the weight tree and take off from the top! Also, tens go on the ten stack, and fifteens go on the fifteen stack. Science.
Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it: Have fun, engage with the people in your class and cheer them on. Always remember that regardless of someone’s skill level in your class, the workout is going to suck just as much. A smart man told me once that they don’t pay us to be here, we pay them so get whatever you want out of the work out. If there is a wod programed where you can only do 50% of the prescribed weight, lift the crap out of that 50% so next time you can do 60%. The amount of gain and improvement you make during a workout or programing cycle is not reflective on the amount of weight you may or may not be able to lift or the speed that you can run because I guarantee that if you give 100% effort from the time the clock says go until the workout is over you will be successful. I’ll take someone who finishes a run in 30 mins and collapses though door over someone who finishes in 20 who can have a conversation as they come in any day. Basically what I’m saying is, “You do you boo boo.” ~FBMM~
Name: Hanna Smith
Age: 28
How long you have been a member at CFSC: Almost 1.5 years.
How you got started at CFSC: Prior to CF, I did high intensity interval training and spin classes at the YMCA, but never really saw results and quickly became bored. My fiancé, Matt Burkhard, is a member of CFSC and talked me into giving CF a shot. Even though I was in graduate school and had very little free time, I decided to start CF over my Christmas break 2015. After a couple of weeks I felt a difference in my energy level and overall mood. After that I was hooked!
Favorite CrossFit movement: Anything with a barbell, but if I had to choose one it would be the snatch.
Least favorite CrossFit movement: Wallballs
Favorite healthy food/meal: Ahi Tuna, brussel sprouts
Favorite part about CFSC: There are many things about CFSC that make it a perfect fit for me. First and foremost, the programming is already done; all I have to do is show up and put in the work. How much easier can it get? Second, there are endless amount of CF movements and WOD formats, so I never get bored. Last, but not least: THE PEOPLE. The members and coaches make our box special. Matt and I have been to other affiliates while traveling and it makes us appreciate CFSC much more!
Something we don’t know about you: My first car was a 5-speed Jeep Wrangler. My dad taught me how to drive it when I was 14 years old. Every car I’ve owned since then has had a manual transmission.
Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it: CF athletes are not just the people you see on ESPN so please don’t be intimidated. If you look around our box you will see people of all different ages, fitness levels, motivation levels, and abilities. Athletes lift one another up and the only competition we have is with ourselves.
Do not let your fear of failure keep you from trying CF. Everyone has been a new member at some point. I love seeing new members join CFSC and watching them improve.
Stick with it. Some days you PR and some days you barely make it through the WOD. Just embrace it! I made a lot gains over my first six months of CF, then my progress plateaued. This was extremely frustrating for me. Keep the bigger picture in mind! Although I may never be on the podium at Carson, or qualify for regionals, or even win SuperFit…. I am so much happier, stronger, and healthier than I was a year and a half ago!