Members of Inspiration – March 2019

Name: Russell Schlick
Age: 39 years old
How long you have been a member at CFSC: 1 year and 9 months

How you got started at CFSC: I knew about CrossFit from its infancy, sort of dabbled in it briefly but wasn’t consistent. I met with Brian, explained my foreseen hurdles with consistency then just showed up and fit right in. Head down and put in the work until it became a habit.

Favorite movement: I have a couple but I enjoy deadlifts now. In the beginning it was a love/hate relationship because of my back.

Least favorite movement: everyone says BURPEES and I hate them too but my GOAT is pull-ups

Favorite healthy food/meal: baked Salmon in coconut oil and baked sweet potato fries in paprika and coconut oil

Favorite part about CFSC: “If you let it this place will change you” from the coaches, to the other members, and the programming. Be the clay and get molded.

Something we don’t know about you: I was a military police officer and was deployed to Bosnia…ask me about how I dropped my gun in front of a Bosnian Mobster.

Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it: Get out of your own way, show up do the work. The monkey mind is full of excuses and self-doubt; it’s also over ambitious, so listen to the coaches.



Name: Leilani Campbell
Age: 43
How long you have been a member at CFSC: 3 years

How you got started at CFSC: Started by taking a “Couch to CrossFit” class and fell in love (and hate, love, hate, etc.) J

Favorite CrossFit movement: Snatch, wallballs

Least favorite CrossFit movement: Thrusters, box jumps

Favorite healthy food/meal: Medium rare fillet and a nice glass of Cabernet, and sushi, and pretty much everything else except raspberries and celery (yuck)

Favorite part about CFSC: By now it’s cliché, but definitely the people (coaches and members) and the sense of community – where else can you “enjoy” a difficult 10-20 minutes a day with a supportive group of people (of all levels of ability), and even gain some great new friends in the process?

Something we don’t know about you: I was on the crew team at Clemson…until I fell two stories onto a concrete landing.  Crushed two discs in my back and broke my left pelvis.  Doctors said I’d never run or be able to do much physical exertion. While I love proving them wrong, I do still have to be careful with my back.  (I’m looking at you deadlifts!)

Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it: Just do it! Yes, it’s intimidating and yes, it’s hard, but it is so worth it!  Find a coach that makes you feel comfortable, and if needed, try to get matched up with a buddy that will help you with whatever difficulties you have – whether you’re shy, too much in your head, need an accountability partner, whatever – use all the resources available and you’ll have a great experience!