3 Reasons To Hire A Coach

The best people at there respectful positions all work with coaches.

Steph Curry’s shooting coach is Brandon Payne.

Tiger Woods recently hired a new swing coach, Chris Como.

The best hitters in baseball all work with batting coaches.

And these guys are the best in the world! So what does it tell you about the others that don’t think they need a coach?

Often times our ego, and “need” to know it all, can really slows down our progress.

Businesses hire coaches to help them too. However, it’s usually after they realize the business is in trouble and they need help to stay open.

I too, hired a business coach in 2013; and work with coaches in the gym so I can speak from a decade plus, of experience on the value great coaches can bring.

  1. Accountability– doing what needs to be done to succeed can be difficult. Especially when you need to be patient, you’re struggling, or “busy”. A good coach will give you the push needed and help you stay on task. They will keep you from taking the more comfortable, less effective path. Accountability is the #1 reason why people say they hire a coach. If we let it, life will get in the way and knock us off course, and a coach will help to minimize that impact on our journey.
  2. Speed– Coaches save us time. Mistakes can cost of time and money.
    Their shared knowledge and experience will minimize the mistakes we’ll make as we work toward our goals.
  3. Progress– Most people think too small. Most of your friends and family will rarely push you from our comfort zone. A coach is supposed to push you, not coddle you. Setting goals with your coach should be uncomfortable, and their job is to help you reach those realistic goals you’ve set. I’ve had business and personal coaches for the last decade, and I’m 100% certain that without their help, I wouldn’t be in the fortunate position I am today. I would have taken my foot off the gas, gotten complacent and coasted.

What are you working towards?

Where do you need help?

Find a coach.

Just be careful, there’s lot of people out there looking to make a quick buck and will promise you everything, with little to no track record.

If you have yet to hire us as you fitness and/or nutrition coach AND you are tired and frustrated of not meeting your health and fitness goals and expectations of yourself, we need to talk.

I hope our 13 year track record of results will get you to consider us. Then we can sit down and discuss the rest.