Are You Working For The Weekend?

Whether you’re old enough to remember the old Loverboy song, “Working For The Weekend” or not, it’s a mentality that’s common. If you’re unfamiliar with the saying, it’s in reference to the hectic work week, or school, exercise, good nutrition choices, etc. that you keep during the week. In effort to get to the weekend, at which time you choose to abandon many of the beneficial decisions you made during the week because…Well, it’s the weekend!

Except there’s a big problem with this way of thinking.

It’s a math problem.

2 days (Saturday/Sunday) x 52 weeks = 104 days each year are the “weekend”.

365 day/year divided by 104 = 28%

Therefore, if you’re “working for the weekend”; you are losing TWENTY-EIGHT percent of the year to making decisions that are not helping you to meet your goals.

Whatever those goals are. Fitness, weight loss, financial, starting a new business, learning something new. That adds up to a lot of wasted time.

Also, the 28% is the amount if you are dialed in for the Monday thru Friday. All. The. Time. And let’s face it. We are trying to make lifestyle and behavioral changes, and we all have some missteps along the way.

What if you’re someone that’s “working for the weekend” and has some missteps during the week? Now that 28% may be increased to 40-50% of the time that you’re not working towards your goals.

Are you starting to see why you may not be seeing the results you desperately want?

When it comes to weight loss, and getting healthy, “working for the weekend” can derail your goals.  We see this often with people that struggle to reach their health and fitness goals.

This is why we don’t just offer “access” to our facility. You can “access” a place to exercise for less than $20/mon at Planet Fitness, do exercise videos in your home, go for a run or lift weights in your garage.

Having access to be able to exercise, or eat better is rarely the problem.

Accountability is!

Working 1 on 1 with a personal trainer or nutrition coach will keep you accountable.

We offer an experience in coaching and accountability to help you on your journey to lose weight and get healthy. It’s not just a thing for the weekdays.

Next time you wake up on a Saturday morning, remember this; and stay on track.