Be Your Own Superhero

You’re not sure what to do. Every day you tell yourself that today will be different. That you won’t hit “snooze” and instead get up and exercise. Or, on your way home from work that you won’t drive past the gym this time.

Your spouse is tired of hounding you to do something about your health. “If you don’t want to do it for yourself, do it for your kids”, they say.

You get mad at them for bringing up the subject, so eventually they stop. “It’s not worth fighting over”. Or is it?

Do you want to make it to your kid’s high school graduation? Live to walk them down the aisle at their wedding? Would you like to be the fun grandparent that can play with the kids; or the one that gets winded after 2 minutes and can’t get down on the ground to play because you don’t know how you’ll get back up!
We have people every week contacting us because they want something different. Everyone has their own “why” they want to start. The conversation usually starts with them saying they want to look better. However, after asking “why?” a few more times, it gets down to the real reasons. Try it. Ask yourself “why?”.

No one here cares if you can do a pull up or even 10! No one cares if you haven’t done a push up in 30 years. No one here cares where you are when you get started. But everyone cares when you start. Because unlike your day to day life, here we celebrate even the smallest of successes. It’s what motivates us. And will motivate you.

Don’t look at anyone else in the gym. Just the one person you see in the mirror each morning. Be your own superhero.