Habits > Goals

“The winning team and the losing team both had the same goals.”

-James Clear

Every year people are setting goals for future outcomes they want. Most of the time, people are failing to reach their goals because they don’t have a plan.

“A goal without a plan is a dream.”

A plan to improve your health and fitness will require consistent work over time.

When we meet new people that are looking to improve their health and fitness, they are looking at future outcomes and they need our help to put together a plan to get them there.

Goals are a great start, however it’s the small habits, day in and day out that are going to get you there.

So many people see and want the end result, but don’t do the tedious work it takes day in and day out.

It’s slow to get moving. It’s tedious.

Who wants to post on social media about waking up early to go to the gym, drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep?

You don’t just build a wall. You lay one brick at a time.

You don’t just lose 30 pounds. You lose one pound at a time.

You don’t just score 50 points in a basketball game. You make one shot at a time.

Consistency over time leads to success.

Inconsistent streaks of doing what’s needed will not give you long term results you want.

Creating habits can be difficult, because most people give up too soon because they don’t see results immediately.

Be patient.

What we see most often, is that people lack accountability to keep them on track.

Need accountabilty with nutrition?

Need a personal trainer to keep you accountable with your exercise?

That’s where coaches come in. We’re here and ready to help you!