How Exercise & Good Nutrition Can SAVE You Money

Whenever I’m talking with someone about their health, I find it helpful to look at it like an investment, not an expense.

Buying a new car is an expense. Paying to rotate the tires and getting oil changes is an investment because it keeps the car running well, and reduces the chances of greater future problems.

Buying a boat is an expense. Updating my bathroom or kitchen is an investment.

When you invest your money, it’s in hopes of a greater financial outcome in the future. Either the investment grows in actual dollars or potential to make more dollars (ie. Stock market, real estate, education, etc), or the investment saves you money in the future.

In addition, I find that when looking at spending money as an investment into my future, it’s easier for me to spend because I can see the greater potential future benefit.

So, how can working with a personal trainer and good nutrition SAVE you money?

Less sick days You only get so many paid ones. And if you run your own business, and you’re sick, you may not get paid at all!

Less doctor’s visits- People that exercise and eat well, are less likely to be sick. That means less visits to the doctor.

Less medication- This is a huge one! With the amount of chronic, long-term disease in this country; some people will be paying for medications for decades! If you pay only $100/month on medication, over 10 years, that’s TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS spent on things can likely could have been avoided.

Less missed days at work- You know what happens to people that can’t perform their jobs because they are sick often, or need to leave for numerous doctor’s visit? They get fired!