The top 6 myths you’ve been told about CrossFit

There is plenty of poor information out there on everything! Many times the vocal minority overpowers the silent majority when it comes to the public perception. Unfortunately this leads to avoidance or inaction, and in the case of CrossFit; it keeps many from even finding out if what they have heard is even true.

Without further adieu, here are the top 6 myths you may have heard about CrossFit;

  1. You need to be in shape before you start- This is the worst one since it keeps the potential member from even considering getting started. This is like saying you need to learn to swim before you jump in the pool! Meanwhile, the only way to learn is to take the leap. The beauty of CrossFit is in its scalability to make the 40 year old that wants to lose 100 pounds, and the professional athlete to work hard. Many gyms offer “levels” to their classes that will allow them to meet you where you are, not expect the new member to start at any particular level of fitness. Let CrossFit get you started on your new fitness journey from the very first step.
  2. Lifting weights will make you “bulky”- This myth can be a tough one to overcome, especially for women. We have been bombarded by TV and magazines as to what “beauty” looks like, and unfortunately it leads to many unhealthy habits. There are several factors that come into play here, namely, calorie intake/nutrition and genetics. If your goal is to lose weight, and/or develop a more athletic, lean physique; then I suggest you give CrossFit a try…If at some point, you feel as like you’re getting “too bulky”, then we’ll cross that bridge when we, if ever, get to it.
  3. It’s expensive- Put the money that goes towards your long term health and fitness in a different category….an investment. Perhaps that will change how you perceive it. Expensive is $100+ for a pair of shoes, pants, shirt, or handbag.  Expensive is $300 each month for cholesterol, or heart medication! How much would you be willing to pay for something that’ll bring more benefit to your life than you ever imagined?  Certainly there will be a segment of the population that just cannot afford certain things. However, once we put priorities on the important things, and you see the value a product or service offers, a funny thing happens. Like many things in life, if you want it enough, you’ll find a way to make it happen.
  4. CrossFit is dangerous- I’m guessing this one came after someone watched internet videos of people doing something dumb with a barbell, and said they are “doing CrossFit”. With the proper coaching, CrossFit is infinitely scalable to anyone. I have seen people do some pretty silly things; but the fact is that there will be good and bad in any business. Doctors, accountants, plumbers, CrossFit coaches…In our 6+ years as an affiliate, I have seen people join with missing limbs, or after back, knee, shoulder surgeries and return to exceed their and the doctors expectations for recovery.  We’ve had patients suffer (and survive) a variety of cardiovascular issues and their doctors told them if it weren’t for their fitness level, they wouldn’t have survived. I’d need more than 3 hands to count the number of members that have told me they no longer need their blood pressure medication, diabetes medication, or anti-depressants thanks to CrossFit. CrossFit isn’t dangerous. Poor nutrition, lack of proper exercise is. Not knowing what you don’t know is dangerous.
  5. You can’t get in a good workout in that amount of time- This is one of those where I feel people just have to experience it to believe it. Or, I could bore them to tears with physiology and biochemistry babble, but I suppose that we’d both prefer the former. The key word with this myth is intensity. Intensity that is relative to your current fitness level in order to achieve the results we’re looking for during each workout. The combination of strength training, gymnastics, plyometrics, cardiovascular training and other methods of trainings will give you just want you need to achieve your goals. Don’t take my word for it. Try it.
  6. “I heard people throw up during workouts”– Sorry, you heard wrong. In 6 years as a CrossFit affiliate owner, I can count on one hand (my hands only have 5 fingers too) how many times this has happened. While some places may unfortunately point to that as a badge of honor; they shouldn’t. If you’ve heard of this happening to someone, it’s likely one of a small number of reasons, usually related to the timing of their last meal prior to a workout. Nothing more, nothing less. A good affiliate will have an understanding that we are a business that promotes improving ones health and fitness, and that applauding the current topic is unprofessional and dangerous.

On a similar note, I think it’s also important to mention that the ability to push members until they can’t perform another rep, day in and day out does not a great coach make.
You may have heard other inaccuracies regarding CrossFit, and my hope is that you do your research, and approach CrossFit with an open mind and decide for yourself whether it’s right for you.
Good luck!