Where’s Your Hour?

The # 1 excuse for not exercising is the lack of time. If you say that, you’re lying to yourself.

You managed to find an hour to watch Netflix, check your email, scroll through Facebook, post your Instagram stories, and make some TikTok videos.

If you can get in some high intensity exercise (relative to your fitness level) for a minimum of 30 minutes at least 3 times each week, you’re getting your work in! It’s really not that much time. If you manage to exercise for 3 hours each week, that’s less than 2% of the week. You got this!

You don’t even need to drive to a gym! If you need help getting started at home, need nutrition accountability (hint: most do), and want professional feedback to optimize you’re your time and maximize your results; we have updated our Online Coaching Program options. #thankyou2020

So, what’s keeping you from starting?

Or, if you were exercising consistently and then “life happened”; what’s keeping you from getting back on track?

When 33 year old American, Colin O’Brady finished a 53 day, 931 mile hike across the continent of Antarctica, he was asked, “What was the most difficult part?”; he replied, “getting started.”

And so it is with you.