Why Busy Is Bad For You

I was listening to a business podcast last week and the excuse of “busy” came up as a reason why many business owners cannot grow their business.

They are always “busy”.

Pay attention the next time you ask someone about their day, or week. I bet you that well more than half of them will say, “Busy as usual”.

Here’s the rub,

If you’re trying to do something that you want to be able to do forever, you need to figure out how to make it fit into your life when you’re busy.

If you’re paying attention to how you eat, that’s a life long endeavor. Even after you hit the goal weight that you’re after; you’ll still need to make good food choices many more times in your life.

Eating fast food and making other poor food choices are often followed up with, “I’ve been busy”.

When we reach out to a member that we see hasn’t been in for a few weeks, almost always they reply with, “I’ve been busy”.

When I ask a business owner I work with why that haven’t been able to follow up on some of their leads for new business last week, they scream, “I’ve been so busy!”


I don’t care who you are. Everyone has stuff that needs to get done.

We have a nurse that works 6p to 6a, then comes to the gym for class; then goes home to get her kids ready for school; then gets to bed.

We have a truck driver that rides for 10 hours shifts, then comes to the gym for personal training sessions before heading home.

Single moms, single dads. I hear you. You may get some sympathy, however, our responsibility is to make sure you take care of yourself, so you can better take care of those important to you.

Taking care of your health (physical, mental and emotional) is something you need to do forever.

Therefore, “busy” isn’t a good enough excuse for you to stop.

If you need help optimizing your time, so you can make yourself a priority, let me know.