Why “Rest” Is The Worst Advice From Your Doctor

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 people in the United States suffer from chronic pain. There is approximately another 70% of people, annually,  that will suffer from a disease related to obesity that will kill them.

Many spend at least 8 hours sitting at work each day.

On average, we sleep for 6 hours each night.

That leaves 10 hours left each day. And we haven’t included TV, Twitter, arguing on Facebook or making TikTok videos.

Most fill the rest of their days with even more rest.

Movement is essential to a good life. It’s good for your achy joints. It’s good for sore muscles. It’s beneficial for the discs in your spine.

Movement helps your mood. It helps with depression. It relieves stress and helps you sleep.

Similar to the sports car that you keep in your garage for a year, and then try to put it out on the race track. It too isn’t going to operate as well as it should.

Not moving enough is literally killing the average American.

Not moving enough is keeping many sick or with chronic pain, more reliant on a bottle of pills than a barbell.

So, the next time your doctor tells you that “you need to rest”; find another doctor.