Why You Can’t Get Motivated To Exercise?

We live in a “quick fix” “I want it NOW” society. We can get news 24/7 and On Demand TV. Gone are the days of needing to wait for the newspaper to get our news, or wait until we get home to make a phone call. Don’t even get me started on same-day Amazon orders!

Technology has ruined our need for patience.

Over the past 15 years, we have been conditioned to think that we can have just about anything we want in a matter of hours; 24 tops!

That is just not true for your health. Whether you’re 20 pounds overweight or in the best shape of your life, it didn’t happen over night.

In our gym we practice “Bright Spots”. Every Friday in our private group we’ll share successes both big and small. For some it’s coming to the gym for 3 times in a week, for others it’s running a mile without stopping. Another may have celebrated not drinking soda for 5 days. Another person may have just gotten engage, or had a baby. These don’t have to be health and fitness related; there are just successes, both big and small that we focus on celebrating.

The reason for this is because we believe that success leads to motivation. Not the other way around. You need to acknowledge your progress. You need to appreciate the process. By practicing “bright spots” you’ll find these bread crumbs of small successes will be the motivation needed to reach the larger successes you’re working towards.

If your goal is to lose 30 pounds, your success will be that much greater if you start by celebrating the little wins (bright spots), instead of only focusing on the end product. That’s why most people quit during the process…For whatever they are trying to attempt (ie. Lose weight, stop drinking, start a business, etc).

Starting tomorrow, do it. Keep them to yourself, or share them with others. Just start.