At CrossFit Steele Creek we believe that success creates motivation, not the other way around.

We also believe that the best way to help you is to start with what YOU want.

Our latest program, Fit For You was created just for YOU. It is built around YOUR likes, YOUR schedule and YOUR progress.

  • 60 minute initial consultation
  • Printed information packet
  • Four weeks of sample meal plans with grocery list and individualized nutrition plan based on your body type
  • Goal setting
  • Body measurement evaluation and body fat calculation
  • Professional feedback during the 4 weeks
  • Follow up (30) minute end of program consultation including re-measurements and body fat calculations
  • Additional 4 weeks of On Going Nutrition Coaching
  • 1 on 1 Personal Training sessions tailored to meet your goals
  • Learn how to use functional movement to increase fitness, burn fat and build muscle
  • You set your intensity based on your current fitness level
  • Access to experienced coaches, focused on helping you train safely and effectively
  • Become part of a group who committed, disciplined and determined to make healthy changes
  • Baseline body measurements
  • Body Composition Testing
  • Customized macro-nutrient goal setting
  • Monthly testing to track progress
  • Program changes based on performance and progress