You may be brand new to exercise and just checking it out for the first time, or you may be a veteran that is looking for a gym you can excel at. Whichever category you are in, it is important that when choosing a fitness facility that you evaluate some key factors. Below is a list of what history tells us people find important.

At CrossFit Steele Creek, we set ourselves apart from other area fitness facilities. We recognize that we are very different than your traditional gym settings. Although we strive to be the best, we acknowledge that we are not the best fit for everyone, and there will be some people that will not be a good fit for our facility either.


This place isn’t magic.  Just like any other fitness program, results require you to SHOW UP! It is important to pick a location that is convenient to you. Check for locations not only near your home and work, but also along your commute between. We are located in Southwest Charlotte in the Steele Creek Area. We have convenient hwy access to I-485 and I-77. Keep in mind that location is just one factor. We also have several members that will drive past other facilities to go to a facility that meets other needs for them. For more information on our location click here.


You will find that facilities such as ours may vary greatly from traditional gyms. You won’t find rows of cardio equipment and weight machines that only each perform just a few isolated actions. Instead you will find free weights, barbells, kettlebells, pull- up bars, dip bars, jump ropes, plyometric boxes, medicine balls, rowers, etc. It is important that there is plenty of equipment for each class. We have plenty of equipment and space that will allow for multiple programs to be going on at once. Come see for yourself!


The layout and appearance of the gym should be clean, neat, organized, inviting, and shouldn’t feel cramped. The size of the facility can also play a big part of this. Cramped small spaces can present safety hazards if there are too many people in a class. Although, we can tell you from our experience of starting out in a 1600 sqft. gym; that this can be accomplished in even a small space with organization, good utilization of outdoor space, and proper class scheduling. Now that we have grown to just shy of a 12,000 sqft. training facility, one of the largest in CrossFit affiliates in Charlotte, we still apply the same organizational skills and class scheduling principles to make sure equipment is easily found and utilized, while also providing a safe workout environment.


Make sure to check the facilities class schedule. Unlike a traditional gym you will receive professional coaching and programming every time you come to the gym which requires you to come at a scheduled class time. See if the facility you are interested in has a variety of class times that fit your schedule.  We offer a many of class times, and are always open to suggestions of additional class times, if we have several members that can attend. Ask if the facility you are looking at also has a variety programs to best fit your needs. You will find that we also offer personal training, boot camp, CrossFit and specialty classes in effort to create a well rounded athlete and give members the opportunity to specialize in a particular strength and conditioning endeavor. To see our current class schedule click here.


Due to equipment, space, and types of membership, programs can vary greatly from place to place. Some gyms have strength bias in their programming and some have a metabolic conditioning or endurance bias in their workouts. Some may predominately program short workouts, and some predominately long workouts. We attract everyone from strength to endurance focused athletes, and have a variety of coaching expertise on our staff. That is why we focus on varying our programming as much as possible. We strive to incorporate all aspects on a weekly basis and constantly vary strength, metabolic conditioning, as well as vary the length of the workouts often. Our goal is to provide a fun enviroment for fitness that’ll keep you eager to grow and learn.


The thing that we feel sets apart the from other similar training facilities and makes us one of the premiere gyms is our coaching staff. The ugly truth is that in theory someone could take a weekend course, pass a test, and be able to call themselves a trainer. In the fitness world, it’s uncommon for coaches to remain at one facility for more than a year or two. We can proudly say that 80% of our staff as been coaching for us between 4-8+ years! In addition, each potential coach follows our intern process prior to joining our staff to ensure our consistent quality to each member.

It’s important to us as gym owners and Chiropractors, that our staff have a great focus on form and injury prevention. Therefore, we have also chosen coaches that can demonstrate a thorough understanding of making corrections to form, and can modify workouts appropriately for members that are just beginning training, those with injuries and those rehabbing from injuries. Several of our coaches have backgrounds in the medical field, kinesiology, exercise physiology and yoga; in addition to coaching. Many of our instructors have additional certifications and seminars as we encourage our coaches to constantly add to their coaching skills and knowledge base. For more information on our owners and instructors click here.


When you contact the gym you’re considering, what’s the first thing they offer? A free week trial? A free class? We offer what’s called our “No Sweat Intro”. We consider this the most safe and efficient way to bring in new members. It’s here that we’ll sit down and get to know more about you, your goals, injuries and other important factors that’ll help us put together our best plan for your success. All new members to our CrossFit group classes need to take our On Ramp sessions prior to jumping into regular scheduled classes. This is to give the new member a knowledge base of correct form on exercises before entering regular group classes as well as ease them into a new type of training allowing their bodies to adapt more quickly. For more information on CrossFit Steele Creek’s On-Ramp Course click here.


We are not the place that you push your ear buds in and walk by nameless people everyday. We are not here to chat during a workout, but to work hard and to push and learn from each other. This is a place where you will get to know the other members and coaches as they will help the new members feel comfortable, and will be there with you to cheer you on when you are struggling, or to cheer you on an awesome day when you’re setting a personal record. We encourage these relationships, as they help keep you accountable and wanting to come to the gym each day. We also have several social events throughout the year for the whole gym to get together and enjoy our time together beyond exercise. To see our Facebook Page click here.


Do you need to bring your children to the gym? This maybe a big determining factor for you. Some gyms offer child care, some have a kids room, some just let your kids come in, and some don’t allow kids at all. While we currently do not provide child care, we do have a kids room that your children can play in while you workout. Please keep in mind this room is provided so the kids have a safe place to play and do not run out on the gym floor that can be dangerous during a workout, and you are still responsible for the supervision of your child.


There are several factors that can affect the cost of a gym membership including the location and size of the facility, the amount of classes and types of classes offered, the amount and quality of the gym equipment, and the experience and accessibility to the coaching staff. We acknowledge that we are not the most inexpensive facility in the area, but we feel once you compare our facility to others you will quickly see the value in what we offer. For more information on our membership information click here.


After weighing out all of these factors there is one more big question you should ask yourself. Where do you feel the most comfortable? Where do you feel like you fit in the most? Next to home and work, if utilized properly the gym should be the next place you see the most!


If you have further questions about Live Active Charlotte we are here to answer them for you. Just give us a call at 704-714-7775, email us, or better yet stop in and talk to our owners, coaches, and members. Everyone will be happy to help answer any of your questions! Click here for all of our contact information.



Our mission will always be to provide a place that empowers the community towards a better life. We’ll help you accomplish this through improvements in general health, fitness and behavior modifications. Simply put, our goal is to add years to your life and life to your years.