What Is A Prescriptive Model?

When you go to see a doctor, they ask you questions, they may run some tests and then they either write you a prescription for medication, or they may prescribe a treatment plan and future follow ups to gauge your progress. At those follow ups, based on your progress, or lack of, the doctor will stay the course with the plan or update it accordingly.

That example is the opposite of a prescriptive model.

When most people want to start a plan to exercise, they contact the gym. The gym may offer them a tour, or a few free classes to see if they like it. If you enjoyed it, they get your payment set up, and you will likely never have much contact with staff again, until it’s time that you want to cancel the membership.

Most gyms want you to join; hope you show up; and at that point, their job is basically finished. On to the next potential customer.

We are different from most other gyms in a number of ways. The first way you’ll notice we’re different is from the first time you meet us.

We will not offer you a free class, or a free week. It doesn’t matter that the gym down the block does. The gym down the block is not our competition. Your couch is.

Our first meeting will not involve any sweating. We just want to sit down with you and start a relationship. We don’t plan on this to be some short term thing; the more we know, the better we can help. The better we help, the longer our relationship.

What are your health and fitness goals?
What have you tried in the past to reach those goals?
What injuries/surgeries do you have?
What’s your nutrition look like?
What other stress do you have going on in your life?
What kind of work do you do?
Do you have a spouse that supports you?

Just like the doctor, we need to ask you questions and get information from you in order for us to be able to put together the best plan for you to be successful.

Tossing you in a free class or 5 without even speaking to you is a disservice to you.

What would you think if you went to a physical therapist and they gave you a bunch of exercises and never asked you any questions?

You’d probably think that it’s unlikely whatever they offered will be what’s best for you….and they likely just tell everyone to do the same exact thing! You’re probably right.

We have 3 things to offer people to help them reach their health and fitness goals. Personal training, group classes and individualized nutrition.

Based on our meeting, we’ll tell you what we think is best for you.

That’s the prescriptive method.

That’s just the first way we’re different.