Monday’s WOD 6-13-16

Group Warmup
Run 400m
20 Back Squats 95/65
10 Pull Ups
L2- 75/55, Ring Rows
L1- 200m Run, 45/35, Ring Rows
*This will be retested at the end of the current 8 week cycle. The purpose of this workout is to assess the athletes’ oxidative system (aerobic capacity) and their ability to move sub-maximal loads for a sustained period of time. A couple of important points: The reason the front squat was not used in this test is because it has more limiting factors that can slow an athlete down rather than just squatting capacity, such as postural strength, limited front rack mobility, or just having to breath with a barbell resting on your neck. Also, the movements are fairly simple from a technique standpoint. In choosing movements that requires less technique, we know that if an athlete improves on this test it’s because they truly increased their aerobic capacity and lactic acid threshold vs making up time by improving their technique.
Group Cool Down