Monday’s WOD 6-6-16

Group Warm-Up
3 Rounds of:
Max Effort Support Hold on Rings
20 Hollow Rocks
*The support position is the foundation of all the movements on the rings. An athlete must be able to perform a technically sound support on the rings before advancing to dips, muscle ups, or any other movements. The hold will aid in building stability and strengthening this position, from the shoulders through the midline. During the holds focus on keeping your arms locked out, the shoulders pushed down away from the ears (active shoulders), and keeping your body in a hollow position. Try not to rely on the straps for assistance. The more you use brace your arms against the straps, the more friction you are adding and therefore reducing the effectiveness of this exercise.
10 Rounds For Time
7 Thrusters 75/55
7 Pull Ups
L2- 55/35, Ring Rows
L1- Light Dumbbells, Ring Rows, 7 rounds