The Top 4 Reason Your Nutrition Plan Has Failed

Following a proper nutrition plan is hard. In a world full of instant gratification, poor self-discipline and Instagram pictures of donuts; it’s no wonder most people say nutrition is the number one reason for not reaching their health and fitness goals. That said, there are A LOT of programs out there that get results.

It depends on YOUR goals. Not the person telling you how great the program they are following happens to be. And not your friend telling you that you should try what they are doing. There are SO MANY VARIABLES! Your SEX, HORMONE LEVELS, STRESS, SLEEP, ACTIVITY LEVEL, MEDICATION, PHENOTYPE, GENOTYPE, etc.

There’s no one size fits all plan here.

Are your goals focused on weight loss? Strength building? Mass building? Sports performance?

If a program doesn’t work for you, but worked for thousands of others; it’s not the program; it was based on one of the factors above and your willingness to follow the program (or not).

If a program works for you, fantastic! It doesn’t mean that it’s the right program for everyone. Different strokes for different folks.

We are all special snowflakes, correct?

Just because your fit friend posts pictures of donuts, pop tarts and gummy bears; that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you. What they fail to post to social media or talk about is the cup of broccoli and 6 ounces of baked chicken breast they had for dinner. And the 90% of their other meals that wouldn’t get many “likes” on Instagram.

In the overwhelming majority of people, there are 4 reasons why people fail their nutrition plans.

  1. The plan they choose is not both enjoyable and healthy. For many, too enjoyable means they will eat like an 8 year old left to their own devices. Too healthy, and that is a usual recipe for failure to follow guidelines, then rebel in reaction to the “suffering”. Remember that it is not the program you choose that works. It’s doing all the little, not sexy, not Instagram post worthy crap, every day, that matters.
  2. Self-sabotage on the weekends with food and alcohol. If you eat like garbage 2 days each week, well, that’s TWENTY-EIGHT percent of the week. Right? Who knew? So, either stop doing that. Or stop complaining that you’re not seeing progress.
  3. They lack patience for change. Wherever you are, it didn’t happen overnight; neither will the changes to your body that you’re working towards. I’ll spare you the endless clichés on the topic of patience. The body is a fickle machine and responds to changes in its environment in ways we don’t even realize in attempt to keep the status quo. If the status quo for you was carrying an extra 50+ pounds over the last few years; well despite what shows like “The Biggest Loser” want you to think, this stuff takes time. And those variables mentioned earlier…those all play a role here.
  4. They have no idea what they are doing. This kind of person takes all the hearsay from each person they know and then puts all the info in a box, wraps it in a bow and follows it all. At the same time! Consider the amount of research you put into searching for a new phone vs. how much you put into what you eat. Yea, I know what you’re thinking. Pretty frightening, huh?!

From our experience working with thousands of people that want to lose weight, education and accountability is lacking.

Are you ready to make a lasting change? We’re here to help when you’re ready to take your first step.

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