The Wellness Continuum

This morning one of our awesome new clients asked one of our coaches and myself if working out, increasing strength, and improving fitness would allow her to recover from sickness or potential injury in the future faster?

The short answer is yes or at the very least it definitely won’t hurt. I told her it depends of course, and if I get hit by a bus no matter how big, strong, and fit I am it’s probably not going to matter!🤣

It also got me thinking of The Sickness-Wellness-Fitness Continuum pictured above from CrossFit.

The leading cause of death (over 70%) worldwide is chronic disease. Chronic diseases such as heart disease, type 2 diabetes, stroke, and certain cancers are mostly preventable with diet and exercise. Over 80% of health costs are for treating (mostly unsuccessfully) chronic disease as well.

So why should you strive to be closer to FITNESS?

We find that fitness can act as added protection against sickness or injury. The fit person has to regress to wellness to reach actual sickness.

One study recently found that about 92.3% of COVID related deaths had comorbidities present, meaning that the deaths potentially could have been prevented if the person were healthier to begin with.

Our mission to improve our clients overall quality of life and health through strategic exercise and nutrition coaching.

We help our clients lose weight, gain lean muscle, and improve their fitness so they can be healthy and happy. Period.

So how do we reach or improve fitness?

Your overall health is determined not only by diet and exercise but also your daily habits, such as sleep and how you manage stress. The easiest way to improve your health and fitness is through daily exercise.

Without exercise, you are limiting how healthy you can be.

Our coaches are excited to provide all the tools anyone could need to live a fit, happy, and healthy life and we’d love to help!