What Is Live Active Charlotte?

It was almost 10 years ago that the first ideas to combine a chiropractic and rehab office with a CrossFit gym began. After months of research, Premier Health and Rehab Solutions and CrossFit Steele Creek opened for business in May 2010. While many questioned my ideas at the time, I thought that having two businesses under one roof to serve the community in search of answers to their health and wellness would work. It has, and grown into something well beyond what I would ever imagined.
It’s become the “third place” for many members after their home and work. For some, at times, it’s been their “only place” while they were suffering through some difficult times in life. We wanted to create an environment where the happiest hour of your day is spent in our facility. We know that the benefits of such a place can create a better life for the member, their family, and in turn create a small ripple to make the world a better place. Happier and healthier people can accomplish just that!
A lot has changed in those 10 years in regards to the health and fitness industry. For starters, it’s confusing out there! Fad diets and exercise routines have come and gone; and will continue to do so. People are bombarded with information from their friends, doctors and television that is confusing, or incorrect. There are new fitness trends and franchises exploding annually! Orange Theory Fitness, Burn Boot Camp, Barry’s Boot Camp, Worlds Best Boot Camp, Iron Tribe Fitness, Fit Body Boot Camp, F45, etc., etc. Let’s also not forget the Thigh Master, Ab Roller, Easy Tone Shoes, 8 Minutes Abs and those magic weight loss beans; I mean “diet pills” (until the FDA removes them for causing strokes and death).
I’m all for the growth and bringing the importance of health and fitness to the forefront in a world where people are getting more overweight and sicker annually. Competition in this space is good for business. Personally, it keeps us on our toes striving to always improve and never get complacent in our product and services we provide.
Despite the fact that we have members ranging from 7 to 88 years young; when I meet people, they put their guard up when they hear “CrossFit”.  CrossFit is a powerful, global brand that has rocked the fitness industry, and we are a proud affiliate and will continue in the future. When we opened in 2010 it was a chiropractic office and CrossFit affiliate that only offered CrossFit group classes. Now, as we approach 2018, it’s become much more! Our chiropractic office added massage therapy. The greatest growth came on the fitness side where we now offer programs including 1 on 1 personal training, CrossFit, SWEAT @ Steele Creek, Nutrition coaching, Kid’s Unplugged, Body Composition Testing, Yoga, Corporate Wellness Training and more.
The decision to rebrand was an easy one. The goal is to help the most people possible. And to be 100% transparent, the decision was based on the public perception that “CrossFit” is something they can’t do. I don’t think there’s necessary blame to go around for that thinking. Personally, I feel that we can widen our reach to the public and in the corporate wellness space by creating a brand that offers “CrossFit” as an option amongst others. It’s the expectation that Live Active Charlotte better tells our story and allows more people a chance to hear it.