Inspiring Members of the Month-April 2016

Name: Andrea Hilderbrand
Age: 44
How long you have been a member at CFSC: Almost 4 years
How you got started at CFSC: I’ve always loved trying new sports / fitness routines and when I heard the term crossfit it definitely sparked my interest.  I took a couple of classes at the old CFCharlotte gym back in 2007 but being a diehard endurance athlete at the time the short workouts didn’t really click for me.  It wasn’t until the summer of 2012 when I was looking to add some variety to my running and biking that I revisited it and was instantly hooked.
Favorite CrossFit movement: Cleans…anyway I can get them!
Least favorite CrossFit movement: Snatch…def, def, definitely my snatch.
Favorite healthy food/meal:  This is a tough one for me. I’ve always been a foodie with a huge appetite and will eat just about anything…even some creepy crawlies on a visit to China once. J  However, I love, love, love burgers so I would say maybe a healthy / gourmet version of one.
Favorite part about CFSC:  The people, the variety and the frustration that I can’t be the best at everything out of the box…it keeps me motivated and gives me the ability to have constant goals and little successes every day…Type A much?
Something we don’t know about you:  Why I’m really called Iron woman or Iron Maiden…
In 2003 I was diagnosed with Hereditary Hemochromatosis or iron overload disease.  It may not seem like a big deal but it definitely turned my world upside down.  At the time I had just turned pro in mountain biking and felt like I was in the best shape of my life.  However, some vague symptoms and a simple blood test proved otherwise.
My GI doctor informed me that had my general physician not caught it and at the rate the iron was absorbing in my system I wouldn’t have lived much longer than 5 or 6 more years.  At the time many people were misdiagnosed and it would progress until the patient developed other terminal conditions…hence it’s nickname ‘the silent killer’.
The only way to get the iron out of my system was through phlebotomies so for the next year I had a pint of blood drawn every week…yes every week.  Needless to say my racing career was over.  After this first year was up and my stores were down I went on a maintenance program that I still do today and will have to do the rest of my life.
As an athlete especially with endurance this was really hard for me to come to terms with.  It’s a huge rollercoaster ride constantly because giving blood makes you tired and robs you of the oxygen you need to perform but the iron stores make you even more tired along with other symptoms that make it hard to perform.
It took me about 3 years to get through the initial shock, treatment and depression to get back to a place where I thought I could workout consistently and then another 4 years before I attempted racing again and I haven’t looked back.  I may not be able to do things as well as I once did, but I can still do them and that’s all the matters.  If you’ve ever wondered what the tattoo on my wrist means it’s a tribute to this journey, how far I have come from that ‘dark’ time in my life and that it’s all worth the struggle.
Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it:
JUST DO IT!  Don’t be scared to try new things.  Change and placing yourself in uncomfortable positions may be scary at first but it’s the only way we grow and realize our true potential.  Just remember that there is no harm in trying to better oneself and that you will always have support along the way.
Name: Larry Kuhn
Age: 47
How long you have been a member at CFSC: 4 Years
How you got started at CFSC: Was bored with traditional gym and looking for a challenge to improve my health. I definitely found it and haven’t looked back!
Favorite CrossFit movement: Kettlebell work & Shoulder to Overhead
Least favorite CrossFit movement: Double Unders!
Favorite healthy food/meal: Grilled Chicken & Veggies, Sushi
Favorite part about CFSC: The great coaches and people that are part of CFSC. I’ve been to other Crossfit boxes when traveling and can say we have something special.  Great environment, supportive/positive athletes and the best coaches anywhere!
Something we don’t know about you: Prior to starting CrossFit, I took blood pressure meds for 7 years, had high cholesterol, and needed to lose a few pounds. I now don’t take ANY meds, cholesterol is well below 200 and I feel better than I did 20 years ago.
Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it: Come in with an open mind and listen to the coaches! Your level of fitness doesn’t matter if you check your ego at the door and put in the work. You will be amazed what you can accomplish.