March 2018- Members of Inspiration

Name: Karina
Age: 37
How long you have been a member at CFSC: 3 years & 4 months
How you got started at CFSC: Chuy(my husband) wouldn’t stop talking about it, so I decided to give it a try and was hooked right away.
Favorite CrossFit movement: do abmat sit-ups count? J No, seriously, any gymnastic or body weight movements (pullups, pushups, hspu, T2B, GHD, rope climbs…)
Least favorite CrossFit movement: deadlifts!!!!!!!!!
Favorite healthy food/meal: French toast with lots of cinnamon and strawberries
Favorite part about CFSC: It’s a place where I can de-stress and unwind (as long as I don’t take it too seriously!).  An intense workout does so much for me mentally and emotionally.  Also, I’ve made great friends, and the coaches are awesome…especially Chuy 😉
Something we don’t know about you: I’ll go with the fact that I’ve been a vegetarian for almost 10 years.
Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it: It may be intimidating at first or you might even think that you are not ready for it, but just give it a try…you most likely will get the ‘Crossfit bug’ (become obsessed with it) and it will probably become one of the highlights of your day.
Name: Basil Lyberg
Age: 40
How long you have been a member at CFSC: 2 years and some change
How you got started at CFSC: I started working in the Steele Creek area and just couldn’t make my old routine work and I knew I needed to do something different to shake it up. My friend owns a gym in Atlanta and told me to get with Brian. It all came together perfectly.
Favorite CrossFit movement: Back squat
Least favorite CrossFit movement: Slamballs and Deadlifts.
Favorite healthy food/meal: I’m really digging veggie bowls lately.

Favorite part about CFSC:
I really like the balance of getting humbled on a regular basis and pushing yourself to become stronger mentally. I have loved working with all the coaches. When I started, everyone was so generous with their time and were so encouraging. They all make the time to really help you be smart about how you improve. And since it is open season I have to give a shout out to the Rise and Grind crew at 5a. They help push me every day and no doubt help me stay consistent. The people here are just the best.
Something we don’t know about you:
I rode my bike from San Fran to Washington, D.C. in college.
Words of wisdom for people who are new to CrossFit or interested in trying it: When I first started, I would ask everyone how long they had been doing Crossfit. I guess I was trying gauge expectations for where I might be down the road. When I asked Patrick Alston, he told me something to the effect of, “The way I look at it, I have the rest of my life to work on my health, so how long I’ve been doing Crossfit doesn’t matter as much as what I’m doing going forward to work on my health.” It probably sounded cooler than that. That really resonated with me and helped to stop comparing myself to others in the gym. As long as you give it your all and don’t quit you’ll get better every time you show up.