Can You Swim?

Do you know how to swim?

Can you remember back when you were a kid and wanted to go down the slide into the pool?

All the kids splashing around, laughing and smiling.

You didn’t want to miss all the fun.

Did you know how to swim before you got in the pool?


You took a few steps, got comfortable. It may have even scared you at first!

You may have used a kickboard to learn how to swim, or some kind of pool float to keep your head above water.

And you practiced. Then you learned how to swim.

You didn’t know how to swim before you got into the pool, so why do you need to be in shape before you start going to the gym?

You don’t, and we can help you.

Ready? Just reply and lets set up some time to talk more about how we can help you get started safely.

Just like when you learned how to swim.