Consistency Wins

Consistency is the missing piece to you reaching your health and fitness goals.

Most people struggle with this part because it’s difficult. It’s nothing sexy. It’s not the stuff worth bragging about to your friends. It’s not going to sell any magazines.

Consistency is made up of all the little things.

Instead, many try to substitute intensity, however, the problem is that it’s difficult to maintain such intensity for a long time.

Improving and then keeping your health and fitness where you want, is a life-long process.

You don’t need more intense workouts.

You don’t need more intense nutrition guidelines.

You don’t need more intense supplements.

What you need is to be more intense about being consistent with the basics.

– Exercise at least 3 times each week

– Stay hydrated.

– Lift weights several times each week.

– Emphasize protein in meals.

– Eat lots of fruits and veggies.

– Put your phone down and go to sleep.

Most people try to combat a lack of consistency with a brief period of overwhelming intensity.

It never lasts long-term.

Do you remember the show “The Biggest Loser”? The average contestant regained 70% of the weight lost when followed up on 6 years after their show.


The short term changes were too intense and those contestants were unable to stick with those habits consistently when they returned to the “real world”.

If you’re currently struggling and need help, one of the best things you can do is to hire a coach.

Our nutrition coaches and personal training coaches responsibility is to help keep you on track by building consistent changes over time.

Are you ready? We can help.