Control What You Can

There’s a lot going on right now.

Slow downs in real estate, geo political turmoil, market corrections, economic recession, depression, tail end of COVID; the list goes on.

“A confused mind says no, and does nothing”

I am a recovering worrier.

Worry used to wake me up in the middle of night, or be responsible for talking to myself about something I couldn’t control.

Then I started studying the greats. The best in their field of sport, business, finances, life. I realized that they all had several things in common, however one stood out among the rest. And it’s something we can all do.

It’s simple, it’s definitely not easy. I’m still a work in progress here.

“Control what you can control”.

When times are difficult (finances, job, relationships, physically, mentally, emotionally stress) instead of worrying over all sorts of things that you can’t control, remember that there will always be things that you can control.

It may be as simple as how you react to a situation, or what you say “no” to next week. Some situations are more dark than others, however, if you pay close attention, there will always be some thing that you can control.

If you’re like me, and what I’ve found, many others too…you’ll default to playing out worse case scenarios in your mind, instead of focusing on what is actually under your control.

Next time the “shit hits the fan”, or you woke up to a dead car battery;

“Control what you can control”.

I think you’ll find more peace in your days. 

Good luck!