Everything Must Be Hard Before It Is Easy

I saw this famous saying last week and it instantly reminded me of meeting people that are looking to make a change with their health. 

“Everything must be hard before it’s easy”

The reason they have not started yet is because it’s hard. 

It’s hard to make the time.

It’s hard to wake up early for class.

It’s hard to come after a long day of work.

It’s hard to run, lift weights and jump.

It’s hard to learn something new.

Change is hard. Because you don’t know if you’re about to make the correct decision.

Choosing to exercise is hard. Because you may put in some effort and not see the results you expect in the time you expect.

Do you remember how hard it was to add and multiply as a kid? Now it’s easy.

Can you swim now? Remember when you needed to wear a life vest because you couldn’t swim? It’s easy now.

The only thing harder than getting started making changes to improve your health and fitness, is getting older and doing nothing.

It will be hard. You need to do it anyway.