Stop Waiting For Easy

I found a video of a women’s basketball coach at Duke talking to about being someone that “handles hard better”.

She talked about how people are always wishing something got easier.

“After I finish college, things will be easier”
“After my kids are older, it will be easier”
“Once I get the new job, it’ll be easier”
“Once I get the money, it’ll be easier”

But once they get what they expected, the problem is that it doesn’t get easier.

Hint: It never does.

It’s always going to be something. Always.

She went on to say that people need to learn to handling hard better vs. waiting for it get easier.

I loved hearing that! Mostly because I never heard it put that way.

It’s a mindset shift for you.

Getting up to go to the gym is hard.

Not overeating delicious food is hard.

Making the choice not to snack often is hard.

Choosing not to drink soda is hard.

Choosing the gym over the sleep or Netflix is hard.

It never gets easy.

Because not being able to do what you want because of your health is hard.

Taking a fistful of medications is hard.

Not being able to help yourself or others because you were waiting for it to get easy is hard.

What do you think?