The 90 Second Marathon

Many people struggle to reach their goals.

Health and fitness goals.

Weight loss goals.

Business goals.

Financial goals.

The reason is because goals usually require time and consistency.

When you start on the goal, don’t look at the mountain top.

In my business mastermind, we work on a 90 Day Year. Kudos to Todd Herman (google him). It’s breaking down 1, 3 and 5 year goals into 90 day chunks.

We run goal setting sessions in the gym with members every 90 days for that exact same reason. A goal that is a year or more out is a long time. Life will happen as it always does and derail you. Getting back on track can be difficult.

Sometimes it’ll feel like no progress is being made. Even worse, you’ve taken a few steps backwards.

You’re going to want to quit. You can’t. Others are counting on you.

The fastest marathon runners finish in a little over 2 hours. When the best marathon runners talk about how they plan for the race. They don’t focus on their shoes or the water breaks. They don’t focus on their 5k time or their mile pace.

They don’t focus on running for 2 hours. Or 26.2 miles.

They only focus on the next 400 meters. And then the next 400 meters.

Less than 90 seconds each.

104 times.