What if?

I had a social studies teacher in high school that I’ll never forget. His name was Mr. Eisenberg.

While I didn’t love what I was learning, I enjoyed the class. He encouraged questions. And being the class we were, we just kept asking in hopes we wouldn’t have to learn too much for the day.

He’s always say, “We can play “what if” all day”.

Which made me think;

What if you LOVED your gym?

What if you missed it while you were away?

What if you fell in love with your workouts?

What if you were excited to see your coach every day?

What if you were tempted to exercise – even on your off days?

What if you couldn’t wait to see other members in the gym?

What if you knew your coach was keeping an eye on your progress?

What if others would miss you if you DIDN’T show up?

What if every single rep was WORTH it?

What if you went home smiling and laughing every time?

What if you could track your workouts online?

What if you could see how your friends did that day?

What if you started to get addicted?

What would happen?