Why Exercise At Home Doesn’t Work

Don’t get mad. Maybe you’re an outlier. However, history is not on your side.

The ab roller.

The ab wheel.

Denise Austin DVD’s.

The Gazelle.

8 minute ads.

Spin bikes.


Weight plates.

Pull up bars.

What do they all have in common?

99% of these and other exercise equipment people purchase is either collecting dust, been donated or being used for something else other than exercise. My mom uses Tony Little’s Gazelle to hold dry cleaning.

D and D (hint, not Dungeons and Dragons) are the top 2 reasons why the “I’m going to exercise at home” crowd fails.

Discipline and Distractions. Sprinkle in a lack of accountability and a tribe of people that support you and you’ve got most of the ingredients needed to not reach your health and fitness goals.

Sure, you may save some money exercising in your own living room, basement or garage. Are you consistent? Are you reaching your goals? Are you creating a long term habit? If not, what’s that savings worth?

We have a basic human need to be part of a “tribe”. A tribe is small enough to feel personal but large enough to make a difference. They don’t just appear out of thin air. They are created based on similar values of a group.

People walk into our gym with a smile. They know they’ll see some friends and get on a good sweat.  Do you think you’ll do the same in your living room with Tony Horton and P90X?  Or, when dinner needs to be made, the house needs to be cleaned, the kids need to be bathed, Netflix docs need to be watched….do you think you’ll exercise instead? History says you won’t.