Your Next Step In Fitness

We first opened our doors in 2010. The fitness options were slim. Mostly it was large gyms like Bally’s, YMCA and Gold’s where people would go for exercise. The only constant is change. Many things in the fitness space have come and gone, for today it’s;


Burn Boot Camp

Barry’s Boot Camp

Orange Theory Fitness


Other group fitness classes at YMCA, Gold’s Gym, Bally’s, etc.


People ask if I’m afraid of those new things that come up. I’m not. I’m glad they are here. We are a sick nation due to our poor nutrition and lack of exercise. I’m not enough to fix it all. I need help. We only have enough space for 200-300 members. I don’t want to deal with much more than that. The more people we have, the less connections our staff can have with each and they can have with each other.

I don’t want 40 people bouncing around with minimal to no feedback from a coach. If you enjoy that, wonderful! If that’s helping you stay motivated to exercise and reach your goals; keep at it. Like I mentioned, we don’t have room for everyone.

I’m thankful some other businesses moved nearby and charge a premium for their services too. When nationwide companies like Orange Theory or Barry’s moves in, less people question their rates. That helps out the businesses like us.

We don’t compete with them. They help us. Their million dollar marketing budgets get many to see exercise as fun and effective. They help bring health, exercise and fitness to the forefront of our minds. The more people getting healthy in our community, the more people talking about. The more people talking about it, the greater opportunity for one of you to walk through our doors. For many people those similar companies are the gateway to exercise, especially for someone that has never exercised before.

While their growth as a franchise business has been tremendous, our small business allows much more flexibility for the clients. More attention to the individual. More nutrition expertise. Your next step with your fitness.

Individual franchises have corporate to answer to. We have our clients to answer to.

We are here to learn about you. Learn about your goals and help you exceed what you ever thought possible for yourself.

I’m happy these large fitness corporations are moving nearby. They may get you started on your journey. That’ll allow us to keep you heading in the right direction.