Thursday’s WOD 2-11-16

Please be aware of and watch for the runners during the endurance WODs on Tuesday and Thursday 6-7. Also, please do not park in a place that will block the runners’ path on their way off of the ramp. Thanks!

Group warm up, 

Skill: Turkish get up (20min)

For time;
50 Pull Ups, L2- 30 Pull ups, L1- 25 Kips on bar + 25 ring rows (CUE: ACTIVE SHOULDERS!)
30 Overhead squats 135/95, L2-105/75, L1- 65/35

​Endurance WOD:
30 sec weighted wall sit (30/20 slam ball)
30 sec handstand hold
rest 30 sec
5 rounds
4 Rounds

600m Run
100m jog
100m Sprint

est 2:00 after each round