Tuesday’s WOD 6-21-16

Pause Front Squats (2 second pause in the bottom)
*60-75% of 1RM for all sets. The purpose of the pause is to emphasize and strengthen good posture in the bottom of the squat. By performing the squats with a pause it removes the stretch-shortening cycle and forces the athlete to drive out of the bottom using their glutes/quads vs using their bounce to initiate the ascending phase.
Hang Squat Cleans 135/95
Ring Push Ups
L2- 95/65, Regular Push Ups
L1- 75/45, Push Ups off box
Group Warm-Up
Every 6 min for 3 rounds
600 m run
Every 4 min for 3 rounds
400 m run
Every 2 min for 3 rounds
200 m run
Every 1 min for 3 rounds
100 m run